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May 20th

Arthur Puts Meat On The Bones For APHS Hospitality Students

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Arthur Puts Meat On The Bones For APHS Hospitality Students

I like to do my bit for the local community here in Wells-next-the-Sea and that means helping pupils from the town’s Alderman Peel High School whenever I can.

So I was delighted to once again host a group of hospitality students from the school at my butcher’s shop in Staithe Street in order to help with their studies.

I’m concerned that lots of youngsters don’t seem to realise how the food they eat ends up on their plates and how much effort goes into making sure that food is of the highest possible quality.

Hopefully the work my hotelier and chef friend Chris Coubrough and I have done with APHS previously means the children of Wells are more clued up than their contemporaries elsewhere.

students with arthur howellUpon their arrival my deli manager Matt and I took the children and their teacher Sue Campling to my abattoir to show them where the different cuts of meat come from on an animal carcass.

Don’t worry, there was no slaughtering going on that day – I wouldn’t advocate THAT level of hands-on experience, especially after Sue told me one of her students was a (very brave) vegetarian!

We concentrated mainly on steak and the children learned where the fillet, sirloin, rump and rib-eye cuts originated from on an animal.

Then it was back inside to my cutting room to show them how the different steak joints were prepared for the shop and how they differed in texture and taste.

All the children seemed to enjoy mine and Matt’s judging by the number of questions we fielded in the Q&A session afterwards.

Once we widened the scope of questioning to anything meat and game related I was bombarded with questions from two young lads who wanted to know how much I paid for pigeons and rabbits.

It turns out they were both keen hunters who were trying to work out whether it would be worth their while becoming part of my supply chain! Bless them both, what great kids!

I love doing my bit for the local community and I hope all the APHS students who attended that day enjoyed their visit as much as I enjoyed talking to them.

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