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Jun 7th

From The Green Fields To The Deep Blue Sea

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A few years back I used to supply a lot of meat to the workers building the turbines on the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm just a few miles off the north Norfolk coast.


I thought that particular source of revenue had sailed some time ago, but I was recently contacted by one of the wind farm managers who regularly placed orders with me.

He asked me if I was interested in doing some more North Sea business again, and naturally I jumped at the chance.

Now my future son-in-law Alex and I regularly shuttle supplies of fresh Norfolk beef, pork and lamb around The Wash and up to Grimsby.

Once we arrive in Grimsby, we unload our supplies onto the dockside where they’re taken aboard the DP Galyna, owned by Wind Power Resources, and ferried out to the wind farms.

It’s great to have another major customer on the books, but there are times when Alex and I find ourselves wishing someone had built a tunnel under the North Sea to the Lincolnshire coast!

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