Norfolk Butchers – Arthur Howell

We have been in the meat business for four generations and have never strayed from our determination to offer great quality. As Leading Norfolk Butchers Arthur Howell is based in Wells-Next-The-Sea, we are able to source meat from local Norfolk farmers and graziers for our butcher’s shops through having our own unique abattoir and we are experienced about buying and hanging.

We will help you choose from the thousands of cuts available which will be best for different meals and having selected the meat and its cut, we will then help you wade through a fantastic choice of how to prepare it. Cubed, smoked, boned, rolled, stuffed or minced, we won’t let you leave the shop until you are happy with your prepared meat and know what you are going to do with it before it reaches your dinner table.

Give us a ring and tell us what you want to cook, how you want to cook it and what your budget is and we’ll recommend the best meat solution.

We have butcher’s shops in Norfolk

We have developed incredibly popular dry cured beech smoked back bacon which is hand-sliced and which lures regular customers from miles around.

The Burnham Market shop is a traditional butcher’s shop selling raw and cooked meat and with fruit and vegetables traditionally displayed on stalls in front of the shop.

The shop at Wells next the Sea is our ‘head office.’ With our own EEC approved abattoir housed at the rear of this premises we have a complete list of raw meat products for sale, from Quayle to geese and from rabbit to bullock.

We also have a smokehouse at Binham for the bacon and venison. These come from the Holkham estate or during the game season, from a variety of suppliers. Fresh venison, pheasants, partridges, duck, hares, rabbits and pigeons are also sold seasonally.