Norfolk Hog Roasts – Arthur Howell

Norfolk Hog Roasts – Arthur Howell – Going the whole hog

Our hog roast business has become very popular in the last three years and we are now called on to supply hogs at events and parties from weddings, festivals and sailing clubs to private functions and people’s back gardens.

We are constantly complimented on the delicious flavour which we attribute to our unique cooking methods. The whole pig is cooked for six hours in our baker’s oven which ensures maximum moisture retention for the pigs, which are all outside reared and have all been supplied locally from Tim Allen.

Hog Roasts From Arthur Howell, Norfolk

We offer to deliver and leave the customer to serve, or to provide staff to do it for you.

Our hog roasts are always accompanied by our own rolls, freshly baked every day at our bakery unit, stuffing freshly cooked to our own recipe and apple sauce. We offer to provide our bacon, chipolata sausages and a gammon joint.

Organiser Brenda Wick said: “We love this part of the business. It’s wonderful to be part of so many happy celebratory events. Standing behind our hog roast trays at local festivals, bonfire nights, and village fetes keeps us right in the centre of the community. “

To discuss ordering a hog roast please call Brenda on 07899 663658 / 01328 710130

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