Traditionally Reared Norfolk Turkeys from Arthur Howell

Traditionally Reared Norfolk Turkeys from Arthur Howell, Wells-next-the-Sea

Every year it’s the same worries when it comes down to the turkey.

This is my advice to you from ordering your turkey right through to cooking and carving.

Firstly, order you turkey early, roughly a month in advance, so your local butcher can make sure he gets the right size for you and your friends and family. When choosing your turkey your butcher will ask you what size turkey you require, by this he means the weight. I always tell my customers it’s approximately 1lb per portion, for example if you have a party of 12 for Christmas then you’d order a 12lb turkey. This is the dressed weight. Dressed tells you it’s ready for your oven.

Now, secondly there’s a choice of colours you can chose from; black, white or bronze. The most popular choice of colours are the ‘black’ and ‘bronze’ turkeys, although your choice of feather colour makes no difference to the quality of the bird.

This should be all you need to know about ordering your turkey for Christmas.

Traditionally Reared Turkeys From Arthur Howell, Norfolk

Maurice Clarke
Maurice Clarke has supplied me with turkeys for about 30 years. He has enormous experience and knowledge of turkeys and his farm is also under 20 food miles from any of my shops.

Mr Clarke keeps his turkeys in an old fashioned pole barns with high ceilings, wire netting sides with lashings of fresh air and sunlight. The birds are not overcrowded and have plenty of food and nice fresh straw underfoot. It is a pleasure to see how good the husbandry is on the farm.

He is very innovative and likes to keep the turkeys fresh water outside the barn, so they can put there heads through wooden slats and drink fresh clean water.

Maurice spends a lot of time with his turkeys he is very proud of them. As you can see in the picture even his dog goes in. I was amazed to see how calm they reacted with the dog.

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