Wells-Next-The-Sea Bakery

We took charge of the Wells-Next-The-Sea Bakery and arranged for one of our staff to retrain as a baker in November 2008. Our team of bakers rise from their beds early each morning, six days a week to bring you the freshest possible service.

We offer a long list of breads at our Wells-Next-The-Sea Bakery. The bakery is has been devised, and is run by our daughter Alexandra and reflects her determination to bring progression to our  family’s traditional business.

Chocolate CheeseCake From Wells-Next-The-Sea Bakery
Alexandra Howell From Wells-Next-The-Sea Bakery

We serve sandwiches, tea, coffee and homemade soup.

Our bakery serves an extensive product range including our popular signature sausage rolls made with our own sausage meat. These include a wide range of breads including.

White, wholemeal and granary, Gi multiseeded, walnut bread, tiger bread, cheese ring, sundried tomato and parmesan cob, onion bread, pantique.

We also have a wide variety of cream cakes. There are also Tea cakes, Danish pastries, hot cross buns at Easter, cakes and Yule logs at Christmas.

Wonderful fresh cream meringues which are specially made for us by the Flying Kiwi Inns all year round. The flour used for bread is untreated and has the necessary high gluten content. Cakes are made with self raising flour that is low in gluten.

Battenberg Cake From Wells-Next-The-Sea Bakery
Fresh Cream Cakes From The Wells-Next-The-Sea Bakery
Fresh Cream Cakes From The Wells-Next-The-Sea Bakery

The shop is open Monday to Sunday 8.30am to 4.00pm.
We are also open Bank Holidays.